'The Conners' season finale mixes comedy with real life drama like foreclosure, immigration, single parenting

ABC sitcom "The Conners" season two finale mixes comedy with real life drama like foreclosure, immigration and single parenting.
"The Conners" stars Lecy Goranson and Laurie Metcalf have been part of the franchise since 1988, when it started as "Roseanne." As the hit family comedy wraps up its second season, they say fans can expect more bickering - and plenty of love.

"There's a lot of in-fighting and, you know, getting on each other's nerves. And God knows how that family is coping with the quarantine," said Metcalf. "You can only imagine! But they're there for each other."

Goranson expanded on that point.

"There's love. And there's a lot of toughness and I think, like anything else in life, the longer than you're plagued with something, the better you get at being plagued with it," she said.

In "The Conners'" season finale, Becky Conner and her Aunt Jackie take a trip to the Mexican border so that the deported father of Becky's baby can meet his daughter.

There's also financial drama at home because the Conners may lose their house to foreclosure. The show has always tackled serious topics, along with its laughs, and that hasn't changed.

"It's one of the only sitcoms I can think of that can handle some of (that) heaviness, you know, and some weighty issues that the writers aren't shy about delving into," Metcalf said.

"There's always another door that swings open that brings a multitude of problems and complications," said Goranson. "So I don't think that's it unfair to say that that's the case here."

Goranson said her tiny TV daughter was a charm for the season finale.

'She's like the Meryl Streep of babies!" laughed Goranson.

"The Conners" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.
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