Actress who broke barriers for people with disabilities on 80s sitcom shares her Pride

Geri Jewell is a proud gay woman with cerebral palsy who gained worldwide recognition as the first person with a disability to be cast on a primetime sitcom.
As we continue our Pride month celebrations, we're taking you back to the 1980s when there was a hit show called, "The Facts of Life."

The show cast Geri Jewell, who starred as Blair's cousin Geri Tyler who has cerebral palsy. Jewell received worldwide recognition being the first person with a disability to be cast in a primetime television series with a recurring role.

Jewell sent ABC7 a very special message for our "LA Pride 50th Anniversary Celebration" show.

"Each breath that we take must be taken with the intention of love, kindness and peace," said Jewell. "We cannot lose focus of who we are and what we came into the world to do."

Jewell says she is a gay woman, who has cerebral palsy and is proud of who she is.
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