New movie "The Pale Door" blends western, horror genres

The new movie "The Pale Door," starring actor Zachary Knighton, mixes together the western and horror genres with a group of cowboys stumbling upon a coven of witches.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020
'The Pale Door' blends western, horror movie genres
The new movie 'The Pale Door' stars actor Zachary Knighton, and mixes together the western and horror genres, with a group of cowboys stumbling upon a coven of witches.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Zachary Knighton made a name for himself in the sitcom world on ABC's "Happy Endings." He's now part of the re-booted "Magnum P.I." But he also continues to act in other projects...including the new movie, "The Pale Door."

"The Pale Door" begins with a train robbery gone wrong...forcing a gang of cowboys to seek refuge in what appears to be a ghost town. The mysterious brothel they end up at-well, it's actually a coven of witches with big plans for these cowboy criminals. To say the least, it's an unusual blending of two movie genres.

"I love the horror genre. I've done a couple of horror films and they're always really run to make and watch, obviously. And I've always wanted to do a western. I mean, I've been pushing my agents and managers for years to try and find me the right western and then this thing came along. So it was the perfect blend for me," said Knighton.

He's even wanted- dead or alive!

"I just thought I wanted to bring a real kind of emotional truth and honesty to this guy in a quiet kind of way and, yeah, I think it worked out," said Knighton. "And I hope that people do check it out if they're fans of my comedy. I would love for them to see that side of me. It's exciting."

What may be exciting for Knighton's comedy fans- the talk of a new beginning for "Happy Endings."

"I wouldn't rule out some sort of reunion in the future. Hopefully, we get through this pandemic first and we could figure out how to do the show," said Knighton.

"The Pale Door" is available now on digital and on demand.