Chef's pandemic dream turns into reality with 'ReikiNa'

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021
Chef's pandemic dream turns into reality with 'ReikiNa'
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This chef started cooking for others out of his apartment during the pandemic. His dream to serve his food, his way, is now a reality with his own restaurant!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Thomas Stacy's journey to become a chef was not easy.

He graduated from business school, then went to work for Amazon. But he gave that up when he realized his true passion was food.

Stacy, like so many others in the service and hospitality industries, was hit hard by the pandemic. He started cooking basic dishes out of his apartment, but realized there was potential for a lot more.

Stacy started with a ten-course meal for friends, and turned it into a weekly tasting menu at his own kitchen table.

One year later, he is now running his own brick and mortar restaurant called ReikiNa. It combines Asian flavors with European traditions. Each meal is a communal experience with small groups and the menu changes every two months.