Thousand Oaks resident on long road to recovery after being struck by car

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (KABC) -- Lisa Hernandez Solis smiles through the tears, having nearly died almost one year ago.

She was working at Thousand Oaks High School when she was run over by a teen driver who was accused of stealing from a concession stand. Police say Hernandez Solis tried to stop them, though she doesn't recall exactly what happened.

"I know that I walked up to the curb, and I remember taking my phone out so that I could maybe take pictures if someone needed it... and that is the last thing I remember," she said.

That's when police said she was run over and severely injured.

"They didn't think I was going to make it. I'm very fortunate to be sitting here with you today," she said.

Hernandez Solis is slowly taking steps toward physical and emotional healing.

"I know that I have to forgive him, am I. I know for me, it's the healthy thing to do," she said.

The community's support continues to strengthen her. She returned to the high school for the first basketball game of the season last week.

"Sitting there, watching the felt really good, like I was back," she said.

Hernandez loves Thousand Oaks. Her family has been there for generations.

"Our roots go pretty deep. My mom was raised here, and her mom, so we go back quite a few generations," she said.

Thousand Oaks loves her right back. She often gets hugs from strangers.

"I hug people all the time. It means a lot to me. I just really appreciate it," she said.

Her goal is to return to work before her daughters Natalia and Savannah graduate.

"I learned to slow down a lot...we live in a society where we are so rushed," she said.
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