Tony Hale explores the meaning of happiness in season 2 of 'The Mysterious Benedict Society'

Hale portrays Mr. Benedict, leader of the Mysterious Benedict Society, and Mr. Curtain, his long-lost twin, in the Disney+ series.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Tony Hale on the heart of 'The Mysterious Benedict Society' season 2
In this Storytellers Spotlight, Tony Hale described how characters inspire viewers to pursue happiness in "The Mysterious Benedict Society" season 2.

LOS ANGELES -- The best actors work hard to bring authenticity to their roles, but in "The Mysterious Benedict Society," Tony Hale's workload is doubled.

In the popular Disney+ adaptation of Trenton Lee Stewart's book series, Hale alternates between portraying Mr. Benedict, leader of the Mysterious Benedict Society, and Mr. Curtain, his long-lost twin. They represent "authentic happiness" and "artificial happiness" respectively, Hale said.

The "Veep" and "Arrested Development" star described to On The Red Carpet Storytellers Spotlight how the characters inspire viewers to pursue happiness and find their place in the world.

"Happiness is an effort. It's a full spectrum," he said. "It's the ups and downs. It's relationships. It's getting through them and feeling the euphoria of getting through something hard."

Hale speaks from the heart about how he is drawn to his role because of its powerful message and believes that it will encourage people to be accepting of others. He praises the ability of the story to portray characters with different gifts, coming together for a common goal.

"We're here on this earth to notice people, to include people whenever we're given the chance, to wrap an arm around them," Hale said. "That's what should motivate us constantly to even wake up the next day. It's like another chance to see somebody else. What a gift!"

Episodes one and two of "The Mysterious Benedict Society" season two are now streaming on Disney+. New episodes drop on Wednesdays.

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