Video: Tornado whips across Texas interstate, sending debris flying and snapping power lines

A large and fast-moving tornado was caught on camera in southeast Texas on Wednesday.

Video shows the rotating column of air crossing Interstate 10 in Orange, sending debris flying and snapping up several power lines. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes hit several counties, leaving thousands of customers without power.

A line of severe weather that moved from Texas across southern Louisiana and into Mississippi brought severe rain and lightning as it swept through the region.

A tornado that touched down in western Louisiana damaged more than a dozen homes in a part of the state still struggling to recover from repeated weather disasters, officials said.

The National Weather Service said in a preliminary report posted on Twitter that an EF-2 tornado caused "significant structural damage" to about a dozen homes when it touched down around midday. Several other homes also received minor damage. Two people were injured; one woman was hurt when a window was blown into her home and a man was cut on his leg by flying debris, the weather service said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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