Locals call Torrance the 'hidden gem' in LA's South Bay

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Friday, July 30, 2021
Torrance: The South Bay's 'hidden gem'
Many locals describe it a small suburban beach town nicely located in the South Bay with good food, people and views.Locals from the city of Torrance share what they love most about the small beach town in LA's South Bay area.

The city of Torrance has the vibe of a big city, but without the hustle and bustle. Locals from the South Bay city share what they love most about their neighborhood.

"It's really a hidden gem in the South Bay and not a lot of people know about it. So it's kind of kept it local, and it's right by the beach, which is awesome too," said Fatema Lukmanjee, a resident of Torrance.

"I love Torrance, California, because it really feels like a small town. Even though we're not too far away from the big city of Los Angeles," said Karen Pagtama, a resident of Torrance.

"It's very family friendly. The schools are amazing. The community is diverse, which makes this community beautiful," said Teresa Rectra, a resident of Torrance.

From the city's Del Amo Fashion Center to Madre's Mexican restaurant, Los Arboles Rocketship Park and Madrona Marsh, Torrance offers something for everyone.

There's a popular hill with a nice city view, which some locals refer to as the Hawthorne hill, the cliff or the pit. One resident says it's actual name is Butcher Hill.

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