New, long-awaited express toll lanes open up on 91 Freeway in Corona

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- New express toll lanes opened up Monday morning on both sides of the 91 Freeway in Corona, a stretch of highway dubbed as the "The Corona Crawl."

Two toll lanes in each direction and one general purpose lane were added to the freeway. The long-awaited fix for the traffic nightmare began in 2014 with the intent to ease the congested commute.

With nearly 300,000 people who travel the stretch each day, it's not going to make traffic disappear, but the hope is that it's alleviated.

Carpoolers of three and more can still use the lanes for free, except during peak times on the eastbound lanes. Monday through Friday from 4-6 p.m., carpoolers who want to use the express lanes will then be charged a 50 percent-reduced rate.

All that is needed to use the toll lanes is a transponder. For more information, visit:
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