Fly Well Clinic takes off at John Wayne Airport

The pandemic has changed how we do so many things and travel is definitely one of them.

Now, a brand new clinic, set inside John Wayne Airport, will give travelers in Orange County access to renowned medical care before they take off.

Who hasn't forgotten something on their way to the airport? But if you forgot to get a flu shot, you can pick one before you jump on a plane. Hoag Network partnered with John Wayne set up an urgent care-type clinic in Terminal b.

Airport Director Barry Rondinella said, "We've actually been in negotiations with hope for quite some time. And now with COVID being what it is, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to roll this out."

Marcy Brown, Hoag Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer said, "What better time than now to open up a Fly well Clinic?"

About ten million travelers come through John Wayne Airport every year and nearly a thousand people work there.

"We're gonna be offering flu vaccines. We're going to be offering all kinds of screening tests and we're going to be offering a virtual reality experiences where travelers that are anxious about travel can take a virtual reality journey and do some meditation and mindfulness before their flight," Brown said, "There's no charge for those services. However, we will be launching rapid Covid testing and there will be a charge for the rapid Covid tests."

Or the staff can charge your insurance.

Rondinella said, "The test is clearly optional. You do not have to take a test to move through the airport or to get on a flight. However, should you want to take the test, it's here and available for you."

The 850-square foot facility will officially open in early Spring. Until then, travelers will get treated to the pop-up health fair to help them get cleared for take-off.

"The whole approach that we are trying to take is to get your mind off the pandemic, off of the restrictions. We want you to go where you wanna go," Rondinella said, "It is time to start travelling again. It is safe. It is secure. It is the best way to get anywhere."
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