Glow worms light up New Zealand cave

Ruakuri Cave in Waitomo, New Zealand has a mesmerizing blue glow that is a sight to behold, but the beautiful light comes from an unexpected source: glow worms.

The glow worms hang from the cave ceiling and give off a beautiful blue light, creating a scene reminiscent of the CGI blockbuster Avatar.

According to, "A glowworm uses its glow to attract food and to burn off its waste. Its tail glows because of bioluminescence, which is a reaction between the chemicals given off by the glowworm and the oxygen in the air."

Photographer Shaun Jeffers spent about six hours in chest high waters to capture the enchanting views. In an article he wrote for bored panda, Jeffers said the images were captured using camera exposures ranging from 30 seconds to six minutes.

You can see more of Shaun Jeffers' work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.
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