LAX losing 1,000+ parking spaces due to construction

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If you're planning to park at Los Angeles International Airport over the next few months, you might need a backup plan.

For seasoned LAX flyers, Parking Lot C is a familiar place. It has plenty of long-term parking at an affordable rate, but that is about to change, thanks to a repaving project.

Close to 1,200 spaces will be closed off starting Wednesday, and another 880 will be off limits starting Dec. 8. This amounts to nearly half of Parking Lot C being off limits during the busy holiday travel period.

It's not the construction that has travelers upset - it's the timing. The parking spaces are being taken away right in the middle of the holiday travel season.

"I don't know why they would do it now. I don't think they're being considerate of the people who are trying to travel and enjoy the holidays," said Peter Penland, a traveler.

There are plenty of alternatives, including Wally Park and Joe's right across the street. Airport officials are also pushing the FlyAway shuttles, but not everybody is buying it.

"You have to go someplace to catch it, and we're not close to that FlyAway," Penland said.

Like it or not, spaces in Parking Lot C will be limited. For holiday travelers, that means more stress, more planning and maybe more time spent getting to and from LAX.
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