Trump golf clubs display fake Time magazine cover featuring him

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
President Donald Trump arrives to speak about Cuba policy, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Miami.

WASHINGTON -- A Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump hangs on the walls of at least four of the president's golf clubs, in Florida, Virginia, Ireland and Scotland.

But closer inspection reveals that the March 1, 2009, cover is false.

The Washington Post investigated and reported Tuesday that Time had no magazine cover with that date, nor had the publication featured Trump on its cover at any time in 2009.

The cover of the fake newsmagazine declares "Donald Trump: The 'Apprentice is a television smash!' Another headline screams "Trump is hitting on all fronts ... Even TV!" It then adds in other headlines from other news topics that appear to be cribbed from the real Time.

Is the president who railed against "fake news" as recently as Tuesday decorating his clubs with phony magazine covers?

A Time spokeswoman confirmed for the Post that the cover in question is not real. Representatives for the Trump Organization and the White House declined to comment.

It was unclear who produced the phony magazine cover, or why.