Scam Alert: Texts about delivery issues that ask you to click on a link are fake, USPS warns

ByErielle Reshef, ABC News KABC logo
Monday, October 16, 2023
Scam Alert: USPS didn't text you a link
Scam Alert: USPS didn't text you a link

Beware of fake delivery texts that urge you to click on a link to find a problem with a package. They're only trying to steal your personal information when you click.

USPS issued the warning Friday, alerting people about the sales scam and telling them not to click on the link.

The text message claims to be from USPS and says that parcels can't be delivered, prompting you to click the link and update your address information.

That's what happened to small business owner Stacey Dominguez, who posted a photo of a similar text she received to Facebook.

"Scammers are coming out," Dominguez said. "The holidays are always a really bad time for scamming. So, I wanted everybody to know not to fall for it."

The Better Business Bureau said their scam tracker sees an uptick in this type of scam around the holiday season.

"It's all of the carriers actually because what the scammers are doing is they're trying to fool you into thinking your package waiting, where your package is delayed, clicking on the link and giving up personal information," BBB spokesperson Melanie McGovern said.

Just last week, Michigan's attorney general released a statement warning, "Clicking on fraudulent links can lead to identity theft, the installation of malware on your device and ... your contact information being sold to other bad actors."

The FTC said in the first nine months of 2023, consumers reported losing $23.6 million to imposter scam text messages.

USPS said text messages or emails will not be sent to a customer unless the customer registered on their website to receive this type of communication, adding their messages will not contain a link.

Experts say to keep track of your deliveries. Be sure you document where you ordered from -- when -- and how it's supposed to be delivered and the delivery policies.

And of course -- never give out personal information like addresses or credit card numbers through a link.