VIDEO: 2 women sought on suspicion of using kids to help steal baby formula at Ventura Target

VENTURA, Calif. (KABC) -- Ventura police are searching for two women who used their children to help them steal baby formula containers from Target.

The incidents happened on Saturday and Sunday at the store on Mills Road. In surveillance video, two women and three children walked around the front of the store then casually made their way to the formula aisle.

Two young boys quickly bent down and tried to discreetly pass the containers of formula to a woman in a black hoodie, who at first appeared to put the formula containers in the cart then slipped it into her purse.

After a few containers were swiped, a young girl came forward to grab a few more containers for her mother, who placed them underneath a baby blanket where a young boy sat in the cart.

Once several containers were hidden away, the women and children walked away and appeared to look around the aisles before heading toward the store exit.

Authorities urged anyone who is having trouble feeding their children to consider applying for the WIC program, which stands for Women Infants and Children. The nutrition safety program provides families who qualify with vouchers for certain formulas and food.

For anyone who has more information on the thefts, they are urged to call Officer Mets at (805) 339-4400 ext. 1272.
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