Director Adam McKay calls new movie 'Vice' the 'biggest one we've ever tackled'

The movie "Vice" tells the story of how Dick Cheney became one powerful vice president to George W. Bush.

Christian Bale stars as Cheney and Sam Rockwell plays the former president. Writer-director Adam McKay loved the challenge this story had to offer.

"This was one was epic. Six decades, huge age transformations, different eras of America. It's one of the biggest ones we've ever tackled," McKay said.

McKay uses comedy, drama and other elements to create what producer Kevin Messick calls "a hybrid genre that audiences respond to, but can't tag."

"Everyone thinks Dick Cheney is this boring, bureaucratic kind of mumbly guy. But, man, he changed the course of history and he did it in these creative ways that weren't flashy," McKay said. "And we tried to show that in the filmmaking, how crazy our times have become where it's funny and tragic and dark and, at the same time, ludicrous."

"Vice" is in theaters now.
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