Melora Hardin passion project 'Golden Vanity' offers perspective on fame

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
TV, movie veteran Melora Hardin explores fame in 'Golden Vanity'
In addition to starring in "Golden Vanity," Melora Hardin has started a wallpaper line and is exhibiting her art in a gallery show.

LOS ANGELES -- From "Monk," to "The Bold Type" and the "The Office," Melora Hardin has been a familiar face on TV and in movies for going on half a century.

And she's still going strong. Her latest project is a film with a cast that includes ... Melora Hardin. And that's it. It's a passion project called "Golden Vanity."

In "Golden Vanity," Hardin plays a faded movie star who does something a little off the rails at an awards show.

So she locks herself inside her mansion and decides to record her life story, with the help of a lot of vodka. Is it the alcohol... or a bit of madness?

"I think that's an astute observation and a question I think the audience will have to ask while watching it, and I think that both are happening for sure," said Hardin. "Someone on my team said that it was a cross between old Hollywood and 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and I thought that was such a wonderful way to put it."

Hardin and director Max Abram rehearsed for two weeks and shot the entire film in five days.

"A very, very tiny budget. You know, the whole film made for $150,000. I made, like, a dollar and I'm not kidding," laughed Hardin.

But that dollar is priceless because Hardin loves the end result. "Golden Vanity" will play Dec.11-17 in Hollywood at Cinelounge Sunset.

"I would say, come and support really quality, really special, unique, indie, filmmaking and art," said Hardin. "And if you're a fan of mine and I've ever made you laugh or cry or think or question or challenge, come and support me!"

This latest movie isn't the only thing keeping her busy. Hardin has started a lifestyle brand, beginning with her Storyboards by Melora Hardin wallpaper line. She's also an artist who recently had her first gallery show.

"I work in collage, which is mixed media. Different things--paper and paint and gold leaf and real gold leaf and silver leaf and copper leaf and photographs and things like that," said Hardin.

No matter the type of art, Hardin says she is just looking for opportunities to be creative, saying, "That's what drives me!'

You can find out more about her art, her wallpaper and her movie, "Golden Vanity," on her website,