Boyle Heights council considers opposing plan to rename street after Mexican icon Vicente Fernandez

BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There is growing concern about a Los Angeles City motion that would rename a street in Boyle Heights after late Mexican icon and world-renowned singer Vicente Fernandez. Vice President of the Neighborhood Council David Silva said there are some residents against the motion.

"So, what had happened was I was contacted by a group of people, some of them were LGBT, and they were concerned about the past statements that the singer Vicente Fernandez made," said Silva.

Silva said some of the allegations residents voiced about the singer included alleged homophobia and his treatment toward women. That is why the neighborhood council is planning to oppose the motion.

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"These are difficult topics. He is a beloved singer. He is human, as we all are. But it is an opportunity to fully vet and say, 'Is this appropriate to rename a street based on things he has done?'" said Silva.

According to Silva, the neighborhood council will vote on whether or not to formally reach out and oppose this motion, which was introduced in late January by Councilmember Kevin De Leon.

But some on the neighborhood council are still in favor of it.

"I support the L.A. City Council motion, introduced by Kevin De Leon, to rename Baily Street for Vicente Fernandez. And the reason is that we in our community need to recognize our cultural historic icons," said Carlos Montes, a board member on the neighborhood council. "Now, I don't support anyone who is homophobic or harrases women. I condemn that. I have always been an advocate for women's rights and LGBTQ rights."

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