VIDEO: Vacationing man saves boy from drowning in Myrtle Beach pool

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (KABC) -- A brave good Samaritan who saved a boy from drowning in a Myrtle Beach pool is speaking out.

Shaun Skursky, a Pennsylvania corrections officer, was on vacation with his family when someone started screaming for help. A boy had been playing in a resort's lazy river pool when his leg became stuck in a grate.

Skursky dove under water repeatedly, blowing oxygen into his mouth until paramedics arrived.

"I had no time to think at all. I saw two boys in the water. I heard someone screaming for help and I just jumped in the pool. I guess it's part of our DNA as first responders and corrections officers. It's what we do," Skursky said.

Earlier this month, Myrtle Beach police honored Skursky with a special award. He hopes to meet the boy he saved.

Rescuers say if it wasn't for his heroic actions, the child may not have survived.
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