Inspiration through her smile, positivity and a zest for life

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Monday, March 4, 2024
Sherri Moody inspires through her positivity and zest for life
A devastating disease took her mobility but not her zest for life. Former Deer Park High School teacher Sherri Moody is inspiring through her positivity.A devastating disease took her mobility but not her zest for life, former Deer Park teacher Sherri Moody inspiring through her positivity.

DEER PARK, Texas -- Teaching, encouraging and inspiring filled Sherri Moody's life as a Deer Park ISD teacher for almost three decades. In April 2023, Sherri's life would change, but her positivity and zest for life wouldn't.

Sherri said, "I did teach for 28 years and there wasn't a day I didn't love it but now I think there is something else I need to do."

April 21, 2023, Sherri's husband David would rush her to the hospital with a case of double pneumonia which developed into sepsis shock, Sherri would be in for a fight for her life.

"I didn't know what was going on but I remember David saying, 'Fight, Sherri, fight for our family.' And I said, 'I will,'" Sherri recalled.

Sherri was given life-saving medicine to protect her vital organs. As a result she lost circulation in her arms and legs, they would later be amputated. Sherri refused to give in.

"I really just tried to think about how I could use this as a blessing and not fall into depression."

Sherri's husband David, who was also an educator, retired to take care of his wife. The high school sweethearts have grown closer than ever.

"We've always been best friends now it's a different kind of love," David said. "I could not image not having my wife and her beautiful spirit with me. She's my everything."

The Deer Park teaching community and the surrounding communities of Pasadena and La Porte have stepped up to help out with medical bills through fundraisers.

Through it all, Sherri's positivity and vibrant personality are inspiring others. Her message is, "Being positive is a mindset. Getting up and choosing happiness is something that I do everyday."

Sherri plans to share her message through public speaking and she has plans to write a children's book.