Violent brawl at Sylmar High School caught on video

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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A violent lunchtime brawl broke out at Sylmar High School, and the violence was all caught on cellphone video.

SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A violent lunchtime brawl broke out at Sylmar High School, and the violence was all caught on video.

Footage of the chaotic fight went viral on social media within hours.

In the video, officers, teachers and other students jumped in to try and break up the fight. It was unclear what led to the brawl.

Additional patrol officers were on duty on campus Tuesday as students returned to school.

Extra administrative and support staff were also present on campus to make sure tempers don't flare again, but parents and grandparents said they're still worried about the safety of their children.

"That's why I told them, if anything just call me and I will come running over here to get you because I just need them to be safe," said Sandy Rivera, a parent.

As expected for a high school, rumors about the fight were swirling around campus. Some students told Eyewitness News they understood the fight to have been racially motivated.

However, some said it wasn't racial and that it was a problem between members of the football and baseball teams, who happen to be of different race.

"I heard that it was from an after-party at prom," said one student.

The principal sent out a letter to parents Monday to inform them of the fight and to let them know that students involved are facing disciplinary actions, though what that entails was not specified. There were no known arrests.

LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King released a statement on Tuesday regarding the incident.

Though she did not specify what sparked the fight, she emphasized that the LAUSD is "the most diverse school district in the nation" and that the district "will not tolerate targeting or violence of any kind on our campuses."

King said law enforcement is continuing to investigate the incident, and she expressed concern and wished speedy recovery for anyone who suffered injuries in the brawl.

"The bottom line is that all students are welcome at L.A. Unified schools," she said in the statement.

As troubling as the violence is, so too is the coverage of it for many students.

"We're not a bad school. Just because there were little bad choices that were made, that doesn't mean that we are a bad school in general," said Leopold Cruz, a student.