Virgin Hyperloop to be featured in the Smithsonian

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Thursday, September 2, 2021
Virgin Hyperloop to be featured at the Smithsonian
Virgin's Hyperloop pod is leaving Los Angeles and headed to Washington DC as the groundbreaking invention will be part of an exhibit coming in the fall.

GARDENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Virgin Hyperloop's X2 pod is history and the future in one.

"The hyperloop is the first new form of mass transportation in over a century," Ryan Kelly, vice president of marketing and communications for Virgin Hyperloop, said.

By sucking out the atmospheric pressure, the pod magnetically moves at speeds up to 670 miles per hour. In November 2020, it completed its first test run with passengers in Las Vegas.

"So we're hoping to get hyperloops up and running by the end of the decade," Kelly said.

The Virgin Hyperloop is making history yet again as it's getting packed up in Gardena and will head to Washington D.C. where it will be featured in the Smithsonian Arts and Industries "Futures" exhibit.

"This is something that's inspiring and gives us hope for the future," Kelly said.

Virgin Hyperloop's goal is to commercialize these vehicles by the end of the decade.