Virginia kindergartner hugs each classmate when school day ends

VIRGINIA -- There's a story out of Virginia that we were able to wrap our arms around.

It involves the end of the school day at Johnson Elementary in Charlottesville.

Kindergarten student Shanon Wells makes it his job to give a hug to each classmate before they board the school bus to go home.

The principal says these precious, unscripted moments are what make her students so special.

"They just do it every single day at the bus drop time -- it was just so adorable and so sweet and so innocent and so kind and just so telling of their hearts," Principal Summerlyn Thompson. "We are just such hugger here at Johnson, that this is like the one time of day that they just get in there and get their hugs and say goodbye for the day."

Is it any surprise that Shanon Wells is known as the school's hugger-in-chief?
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