Tupac Shakur: "Wake Me When I'm Free" immersive exhibit

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's a 20,000 square feet exhibit, a visual and immersive journey through the life of artist Tupac Shakur.

The new exhibit, "Wake Me When I'm Free" in downtown Los Angeles hopes people walk out with a fresh perspective on who Shakur was as an artist and activist, among other things.

"People walk away educated on the genius and the brilliance of this man," said Nwaka Onwusa, the chief curator for the exhibit.

"They can expect is the unexpected," said Jeremy Hodges, the creative director for the exhibit. "We specifically built this experience for everybody."

"It's probably about a 90-minute full experience. Starting in this beautiful all white lobby," said Arron Saxe, the producer for the exhibit.

"Tupac was, as a person, not just as a hip hop artist, not just as a media sensation, but as a whole individual to really give that idea of the how deep and how he was a revolutionary spirit for the voiceless," said Hodges.

"Whether you are the fan that's been there since 1989 in digital underground, or you are brought with that fan and have no understanding about who this man is," said Saxe. "The goal of this exhibit was to be able to give context to who he is."

"Wake Me When I'm Free" is open now to the public.

For ticket information, visit: wakemewhenimfree.com

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