SeaWorld Orlando welcomes walrus calf

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Friday, July 12, 2019
SeaWorld welcomes walrus calf
Raw footage of walrus calf

ORLANDO, Fla. -- SeaWorld Orlando's animal care and veterinary teams welcomed a new member to their team: a Pacific walrus calf.

The 150-pound calf was born on July 3 to Kaboodle (mom) and Garfield (dad).This new baby is Kaboodle's second calf. Her birth marks the second calf born at SeaWorld Orlando.

Officials said the team realized that Kaboodle was not lactating and the calf had not received critical early nutrition. She is now under 24-hour care including eight bottle feedings per day, socialization and companionship.

"I am incredibly proud to watch our teams in action as they provide world-class care for Kaboodle and her calf," Gus Antorcha, CEO of SeaWorld Parks, said in a news release. "Our talented veterinarians and animal experts gave the best in prenatal care for Kaboodle, and now ongoing, round-the-clock care of mom and calf."

The team said its work is important to educate and inspire the public about these threatened animals. Within 55 years, they have welcomed four walrus calves.

"Our team is incredibly proud of the birth of this walrus calf - only the second ever at SeaWorld Orlando, and the team is providing around-the-clock care to monitor the health of both calf and mom." She continued: "Being able to share this story with our guests and the public is extraordinarily gratifying. Walruses need our help, and ambassadors like Kaboodle, her newborn calf and our Wild Arctic population help to tell an important story."

With the permission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, SeaWorld Orlando has raised 10 orphaned walrus calves throughout the past 50 years, including the new calf's father.

In one month, the team expects the calf to be a strong swimmer and gain extra weight.

The pair will be kept out of the public eye while the baby grows stronger.