Local Boys and Girls Club hosts over 30 kids from Watts for a day of sailing

Over 30 kids from Watts participated in water activities for the first time thanks to an event by the local Boys and Girls Club.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Youth from Watts participate in water activities
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Over 30 kids from Watts participated in sailing and other water activities for the first time thanks to a free event by the local Boys and Girls Club.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (KABC) -- Over 30 kids from Watts got to participate in a sailing event Tuesday morning. There was paddle boarding, sailing and kayaking and for many of the children, it was their first time trying those water activities.

"It was nice, it was calming," said 13-year-old Jeremiah Stroud about being on a sail boat for the first time. "I liked learning new things about sail boats and how the sail boat works with the wind and all the ropes."

"When the kids come back from the water their faces are just lit up," said Josué Arias, the chief kindness officer for the West San Gabriel Valley Boys and Girls Club. "You can just see the joy that they have, going out there having all this fun in the water."

The kids are part of the Harold Robinson Foundation, an organization that serves students and families in Watts. Event organizers said this was a great way to provide access to water activities to kids who typically don't have it.

"I think it's cool," said 11-year-old Roy Pacheco. "You don't get bored over the same things you do and that just really makes it better to try new things."

"When you think about it, having a boat or a paddle boat, those are expensive items," Arias said. "So being able to provide these things for free, in the spirit of kindness, is just amazing."

The sailing program is part of the Boys and Girls Club 'Kindness Initiative' to help the kids have some fun this summer and learn how to be kind to themselves and to others.

"I'm grateful actually," said 13-year-old Yaritza Alonso about the event. "At least I'm not inside at my house looking at a TV every second."

"What I did today, I think, was paddling," said 13-year-old Jason Rios. "It was very fun. I got over my fear. I [stood] up on the board."

Kids can participate in water activities like this by signing up through the Boys and Girls Club.

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