Caltrans, mountain residents prepare for back-to-back winter storms

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Back-to-back winter storms are expected to bring more snow to Southern California mountain communities.

In Wrightwood, Jim Wilkens is prepared with plenty of hay for his horses and wood for his fireplace. His ranch is located in a rural area.

"Living out here, we have to be self-sufficient, so we do that," said Wilkens.

The long-time resident also has some advice for snow enthusiasts flocking to his community to play.

"Cold winter conditions can hurt you," Wilkens said. "It's fun to play in the snow, but hypothermia is a real deal."

In town at Mountain Hardware, David Vasquez said everything is ready for visitors and residents alike. The store has bins of gloves, hats and stacks of sleds ready to go.

"We are prepping now. We are getting our supplies all setup, our firewood setup our stove pellets setup; of course our snow shovels, so we are fully stocked on everything," said Vasquez.

For anyone planning on visiting the local mountains, Caltrans District 8 warned drivers not to leave home without chains. Crews at the Caltrans Cajon Pass yard were busy getting ready ahead of the storm.

A truck filled with de-icing solution was prepared to spray down the Pass to prevent dangerous ice buildup.

Motorist can also do their part to keep the roadways safe during the storm.

"My best suggestion is slow down. Speed is still the No. 1 cause of collisions in California," said California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Mumford.
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