Cypress Park mom, son recall terrifying moments a tree falls on car due to strong winds

CYPRESS PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Fierce winds snapped trees all over the Southland, and a massive one caused a close call for a mother and son in Cypress Park Thursday night.

A tree snapped from its roots and fell on the Ibarra family's vehicle.

Family member Cindy Ibarra was in tears and at a loss for words after seeing the mangled car her mother and brother were in.

Their lives were spared by mere inches as they left their driveway. Gregory Ibarra was in the passenger seat while his mother was behind the wheel. The large tree smashed the windows of the vehicle.

"My eyes were on the tree that was falling and tipping over. I also saw the power of the cement that it broke. The blocks just went in the air," Gregory said.

But beyond some bruising, the mother and son will recover.

"I'm starting to feel the pain. At that moment, I felt more numbness, but now it's more pain than anything," Gregory said.

His mother is still emotional, but thankful her son is alive. He is happy to be alive, too, because in that moment he was prepared to die.

"I started thinking about a lot of stuff, like who is going to be hurt, I guess. Like my family or my little girl. I was hoping for a little chance, to be here a little longer because she's still little," he said.

It was a scary sight for everyone on the street, including Cindy. She said neighbors have called the city repeatedly before about the tree, which she believes has been dead for months.

"It fell on my mom and my brother, which could have cost them their lives," Cindy said.

Crews came and within several hours cleaned up the damage and chopped up the tree.
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