SoCal burn areas preparing for another round of rain, possible flooding

BURBANK, Calf. (KABC) -- Southland communities that were hard hit by recent wildfires are preparing yet again for a round of rain that could produce flooding and debris flows in some areas.

The storm is moving in Thursday and forecasts are calling for up to three inches of rain in some parts of Southern California by the end of the weekend, with 6-12 inches of snow in mountain communities.

In Burbank, contractors are hard at work repairing the popular Stough Canyon hiking trail.

After fire burned out the vegetation, recent rains washed out the trail itself. A public works repair crew started work this week and the trail will remain closed for about a month to avoid danger to the public.

Residents who live in Burbank burn areas are being urged to make sure their homes are protected from possible mud and debris flows.

"I would say if you have any place that would normally flood out, like a garage, make sure you get your sandbags," said John Molinar with Burbank Public Works. "We do have sandbags available here at our yard. There's 25 available for every resident as long as you show your ID."

Another area of concern is La Tuna Canyon.

Residents have already laid out sandbags to protect their homes from the very real threat of La Tuna Canyon Road being turned into a river of mud and debris.

"We know the mud's going to come," said La Tuna Canyon resident Nick Petrie. "People get the sandbags out, people get ready, people stock up on the food. The first time the mud hit, my parents couldn't get food for three days. I had to walk up and down the canyon bringing them food. We're ready for it."
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