Local photographer offers free photoshoot for brides-to-be amid COVID-19

Many couples have had to postpone and cancel their weddings due to the pandemic. But one local wedding photographer is helping some couples create timeless memories anyway.
DOWNTOWN LA (KABC) -- When wedding photographer David Martin Jr. saw most of his wedding shoots getting canceled due to COVID-19, he decided to do something.

"I was hearing an outcry from brides. Their weddings were getting canceled, pushedback, or they had a wedding but they didn't get the photos that they wanted to get. So that was - that's where the idea came from," said Martin.

The LA-based photographer teamed up with the Carondelet House in Downtown LA for a special photoshoot.

Both posted on social media about a free, first come first serve, one-day-only wedding shoot for brides and couples in July.

Martin's partner Lina Suarez was on-site to help the brides with hair, makeup and posing.

Everyone on the shoot had to maintain physical distancing guidelines.

"This was something that was really fun that we could look forward to. And it was just wonderful to have something that felt so positive in light of everything that's happening," said bride Meg Nicol.
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