Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets back on menu thanks to Chance the Rapper

The people have spoken and Wendy's listened. Spicy chicken nuggets are officially back on the menu beginning August 19.

Fans of the spicy nugget have Chicago-native Chance the Rapper to thank after he pleaded that Wendy's bring them back in a tweet.

Wendy's followed up by retweeting Chance, and promised "the people in charge" would bring back the nuggets if the tweet could reach 2 million likes.

It took less than 48 hours to reach that goal so Wendy's teased everyone with another tweet on June 24 saying the "The stars have aligned".

The fast-food chain took it a step further by tweeting out a "save the date" calendar invite for August 19.

So the countdown begins. There are now 55 days until the return of the Wendy's spicy chicken nugget.

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