West Hollywood jewelry heist caught on video; more than $25,000 worth of items stolen, owner says

The footage shows the thief using a crowbar to get in the store.
WEST HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- The owners of a jewelry store in West Hollywood are taking to social media in hopes of tracking down the thief who they say stole nearly $25,000 worth of merchandise - including a Rolex watch.

The break-in happened Sunday at around 6 a.m. a Georgiano Fine Jewelry & Watches on Huntley Drive.

Owner Jean Georgian shared surveillance footage in which the thief is seen using a crowbar to get in the store. As soon as the door was opened, an alarm went off, which sent an alert to Georgian.

The owner said he lives nearby and was able to rush to the store as soon as he was notified.

Georgian and his fiancée, Argiro Veremis, took to social media to ask for help in finding the thief who got away with several pieces, including a Rolex watch and custom pieces Georgian was working on.

"Even though I'm new on Instagram and social media, I just took chance because that's the only place I knew where to go," said Veremis. "I put the thief's picture and asked the police to help us, and everybody has been so helpful to us. So hopefully, we'll be able to catch this guy. That's our main priority, so he doesn't do it again to other people like us."

The couple also pointed out what the thief didn't take. There were gold chains worth thousands of dollars near the counter that were left behind.

They said unfortunately, this is the second time the store has been hit.

Surveillance video shows a separate incident in which a suspect tried to break in. The couple isn't sure if the thief responsible for Sunday's break-in is the same person responsible for the previous theft.

Georgian and Veremis tell Eyewitness News they have always felt safe in West Hollywood and are hoping detectives will make an arrest soon. They say that'll help them feel safe again.

"I just want him to get caught," said Georgian. "I feel better. I feel dirty that he violated my sanctuary part that I work in."

Anyone with information is urged to contact sheriff's officials in West Hollywood.

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