Trans Chorus of Los Angeles works to bring awareness, understanding and to empower the Trans community

Abdullah "Abby" Hall, Artistic Director or the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, talks about 50 years of Pride and what that means for the Trans community.
The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is the first Trans chorus in the United States. They hope to bring awareness, understanding, power and victory to the Trans community.

Abdullah "Abbey" Hall is the artistic director of the chorus, who says the group was formed in 2015.

It's founders "thought it was very necessary to have a trans-identified chorus in L.A. Since then we've changed and grew. I used to be a singer with the chorus, and then about two years ago I became its artistic director. My focal point was to change the trans narrative from victim to victorious. These are some fantastic lives here, these are amazing people...singing and living their lives," Hall said.

The chorus will be performing on ABC7's "LA Pride 50th Anniversary Celebration," a virtual three-hour live event.

"We're going to be doing a song written by an amazing ally named Maggie Szabo, called "Don't Give Up on Love," Hall added.

"What's so great about this 50 years of progress is that I am a black, non-binary person, who is American. That means my pronouns are 'they, them, theirs.' I don't go by 'he' or I don't go by 'she.' "

"And just to see that this progression is there, especially in the Trans community, especially with what's been going on lately - with a lot of Trans lives taken away, like Tony McDade and Nina Pop. Making sure that we have a space and a place here in the United States is so important, and how we choose to do it is by raising our voices up in song - being a shining example to the community, and to the world at large."

Catch the Trans Chorus performing their tribute to 50 years of Pride, Saturday 8 p.m. - 11 p.m on ABC7.

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