ABC's new drama, 'Will Trent' follows a young detective who grew up in the foster system

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Saturday, January 7, 2023
Ramón Rodríguez tells unique story of young detective in 'Will Trent'
"Will Trent" follows the journey of a young Atlanta native who becomes a top detective with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation."Will Trent" stars Ramón Rodríguez as a young Atlanta native who becomes a detective later in life after dealing with a tough childhood.

The new ABC drama "Will Trent" stars Ramón Rodríguez who plays the title character - an Atlanta native who had a tough childhood while growing up in the foster care system.

He could have turned to the dark side, but instead, Trent had the will to land on the right side of the law and becomes a top detective with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Rodríguez started his professional acting career in 2005 and is now starring and producing in "Will Trent." He says he's grateful to be working with talented artists and tries to honor the roles he steps into.

"I think being in a situation where you grow up feeling so helpless - I think for him, you're right, you can go in multiple directions. I think for Will, he chose that he wanted to be part of a solution. Somehow, I think he wanted to help others," Rodríguez said.

He says Will keeps people at bay and how his character is a bit of a neurotic compulsive person.

"You know, not a lot of people like him. He doesn't care, and I find that very, those qualities are just really interesting," he said.

"Will Trent" is now streaming on Hulu, and you can watch new episodes Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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