Ontario police shoot, kill suspect armed with shotgun at Stater Bros store

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Ontario police shoot, kill armed man in Stater Bros store
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Authorities in Ontario shot and killed a man who they said carried a shotgun into a Stater Bros store in Ontario.

ONTARIO, Calif. (KABC) -- An investigation was underway Monday morning after police in Ontario shot and killed a man armed with a shotgun at a Stater Bros grocery store.

Ontario police were called to the store, located at 1949 E. 4th Street, at about 9:45 p.m. Sunday after they said the suspect walked into the market and up and down aisles while holding a shotgun.

Authorities said store employees sent out a silent panic alarm after spotting the suspect, who was later identified by authorities as 36-year-old William Baker. After officers arrived to the scene, employees and customers were evacuated from the building, authorities said.

Ontario police said officers entered the store thinking it was an active shooter situation. When they made contact with Baker, officers shot and struck him, but it was not known how many shots were fired.

"There were multiple calls and we also received a silent alarm activation from employees inside the store," said Det. Melissa Ramirez with the Ontario Police Department. "There were a group of officers who made entry into the store and were treating it very much similar to an active shooter or potential active shooter incident because we were not sure of his motivation behind carrying a shotgun."

Baker succumbed to his injuries. Police confirmed he did not shoot at officers or anyone inside the building, although the shotgun was in his hands when he was shot.

Investigators were working to determine exactly what led to the gunfire and what the suspect was doing inside the store with the shotgun.