Woman gets death threats after posting video of dog ripping car apart

DALTON, Georgia -- A video of a dog tearing up a car is making the rounds on social media and police in Georgia are explaining why they didn't stop it.

It was trying to reach two cats that were hiding underneath Jessica Dilallo's car, but police said the dog was not aggressive toward people, only property.

The video shows the animal ripping the bumper apart.

Dilallo said she wanted officers to shoot or use a stun device on the dog.

Instead, police said they waited about 15 to 30 minutes for another officer to show up with a catch pole to safely capture the dog.

"If we just run the dog off, pepper spray it or tase it, it may turn on us and then we would be forced to kill it because it would be attacking one of us," Dalton police officer Matthew Locke said.

Dilallo said she's been getting death threats since she posted the video on Facebook.

"I'm like the most hated person right now because I said I wanted to shoot the dog, but I still stand by that," she said.

Meanwhile, the dog is back with its owners in a fenced yard.
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