Woman robbed, stabbed multiple times in Chinatown; witnesses step in to help

People tried to help the woman, who was reportedly stabbed "at least 12 times," according to a witness.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Woman robbed, stabbed multiple times in Chinatown
People tried to help the woman, who was reportedly stabbed "at least 12 times," according to a witness.

CHINATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A woman in her 60s remains hospitalized Monday after she was robbed then stabbed multiple times in broad daylight in Chinatown, according to witnesses.

Horrific attack on a busy afternoon

It happened just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Witnesses say a man reportedly targeted the woman then robbed and later stabbed her.

"The victim [fell down] on the ground ... she tried to hold on to her bag," said Chinese Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Chairman Chester Chong.

On Monday, Chong spoke with business owners and a woman who says she was with the victim, who happens to be her neighbor.

According to Chong, the man tried to take the victim's purse and she tried to hold onto it, concerned not about money, but important, personal items.

"Medical cards, ID, everything ... she got scared if she lost these documents, she cannot go to the clinic [or] anywhere," said Chong.

Chong said the victim chased after the suspect. Some people who work in the area reported some drivers pulled over to help, and according to witnesses, many others tried to intervene.

"A lot of people were around him and tried to punch him, and then he got his knife out. That's why everybody, you know, backed up," said witness Emily Giang.

Another witness said the suspect stabbed the victim "about 12 times."

In video obtained by Eyewitness News, two women were seen beside the victim, appearing to apply pressure to the woman's wounds.

A witness says security guards eventually stopped the man. Police arrived and were seen detaining someone, but have not confirmed who that person is.

"We're so scared," said Giang, who said the community is afraid this might happen again and feels it needs a lot of protection.

The area where the incident occurred is an area where many elderly community members work, walk, and sell fresh food along the sidewalk.

Chong is urging them to be careful.

"This is important," he said. "Just let go, and also, don't bring any important documents in your hand."

According to police, two people were transported to the hospital, including the victim. Police did not specify who the other injured person was or if there has been an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information is urged to contact authorities.