Dozens of La Habra HS students left out of yearbook

LA HABRA, Calif. (KABC) -- Dozens of La Habra High School students are heartbroken and angry after being accidentally left out of their senior yearbook.

The omitted students had opted out of paying $40 for a senior portrait, with the understanding they would still be in the yearbook with their school ID photo.

Instead, about 70 students were mistakenly left out of the book.

Among them was senior Juliet Parker. She had been looking forward to seeing the yearbook before she and her friends graduate this week.

But when she flipped to the page where her photo should've been, she found an unfortunate surprise: No picture.

In previous grades, she hadn't bought the school yearbook, but had wanted to buy the one issued for her senior year.

"I just wanted to buy my senior one because that's the last one - and I'm not in it, so that kind of sucks, right?" she said.

The yearbook advisor took responsibility for the error and apologized on the school's Facebook page. Students were given supplemental pages with every senior included in smaller photos.

The high school administration and the school district had no comment.

Students say they're frustrated, because these memories mean a lot to them.

Senior Annisa Charles, whose photo is in the book, is disappointed it will be more difficult to recall memories of her high school classmates.

"These are my friends who I want to be able to go back in my yearbook in the future and say 'Oh there's Juliet, or there's Cooper,' and I can't even do that," she said.
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