Local business displays art by young artists to support those overcoming homelessness

The program offers a dedicated wall for young artists to showcase and sell their artwork and receive 100% of the proceeds
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Some talented young artists have the opportunity to have their work displayed at a coworking space on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles called YOUBE.

"YOUBE opened up their doors to show that young people are really valued in the community," said Anthony Conley, the director of supportive services for Covenant House California. "And I think one way to do that is through art."

The showcase is part of a program in support of the Covenant House California and offers a dedicated wall for young artists who are overcoming homelessness to showcase and sell their artwork to the YOUBE members who use the coworking space.

"We're going to be displaying different artists from the youth that they have at Covenant House and we're super excited to be displaying this first artist Molly," said Jenny Berglund Castro, a co-founder of YOUBE.

This first series features eight custom paintings by a Covenant House California resident named Molly. A QR code allows guests to purchase the artwork and 100% of the proceeds go back to the young artists.

"We want to support the local community and brands and really display their pieces," said Berglund Castro. "That way we also inspire and educate our own community, our members."

"All the money goes to them," said Conley. "So that's definitely a way to create revenue and help them in their housing situation, whatever car situation they have, but just to have some money in their pocket is a really big uplift."

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