This nonprofit drives by help to people experiencing homelessness

The pandemic has made it difficult for nonprofits to help those in need. But the Drive-By Do-Gooders haven't slowed down.
SKID ROW (KABC) -- Lycia Naff has been visiting Skid Row every week since 2013.

"Drive-By Do-Gooders is a small nonprofit. We drive my SUV out to the outskirts of Skid Row where there's more elderly and disabled. And from my car window, just like an ice cream truck, we give out basic human essentials," said Naff.

She started out on her own, just giving what she was able to afford.

These days, she usually has the help of a few volunteers. Which happens to be a couple of teenage boys from the neighborhood.

"My volunteers are our kids who go to Venice High when they normally would be sleeping in or certainly skateboarding or surfing. These kids come out with me week after week, year after year," said Naff

Naff says she started giving back simply because it felt like the right thing to do.

"We've got people who look like our brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and parents who are dirt poor right here in Los Angeles. So, it feels like a very natural thing to kind of give back," said Naff.

But it's more personal than that for Naff. She helped her brother overcome homelessness about 6 years ago.

"My brother, who kind of fell into some drug addiction, was renting a little space in my house and it got pretty bad. And he started to hang out in Venice Beach more and more and more, and pretty much ended up living out there," she said.

Yet, she never gave up. And one day, he finally let her help.

"He started to recover very, very quickly. Before you know it, he had gotten into a 12-step program 100% clean and sober. And today, he's got six and a half years of complete sobriety," said Naff.

Naff says she can only do so much. And Drive-By Do-Gooders isn't able to help everyone transition out of homelessness.

But what she can do is hand out water, body wipes, and string cheese.

"It's hydration and hygiene to the heart of the homeless and we don't have any agenda. It's just pure giving," said Naff.
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