Porsche's newest model, the 911 Carrera T, aimed at driving enthusiasts

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Thursday, January 12, 2023
Sneak peek at Porsche's newest model, the 911 Carrera T
The newest Porsche model offers more, from less: More performance and driving fun, due to less weight.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The newest Porsche model offers more, from less. More performance and driving fun, due to less weight.

"We have a package that is directly speaking to driving enthusiasts," said Luke Vandezande, spokesperson for Porsche Cars North America

Yes, aimed directly at those driving enthusiasts, it's called the 911 Carrera T. Essentially the base 911 model, shedding some weight, but picking up the right kind of performance hardware.

"It's the standard powertrain, married to a number of standard high-performance features that would normally not be available on that powertrain configuration," said Vandezande.

Starting with the choice of a 7-speed manual transmission, usually only available on the more expensive versions of the 911, like the Carrera S. There are chassis improvements along with other things, again from the pricier, more powerful models. To reduce weight, Porsche ditched the rear seat. (Nobody likely ever sits in the tiny 911 back seat anyway.) Porsche says they also used thinner glass compared to the regular model Altogether, that saves about 100 pounds on the scales.

It might be the so-called base 911, but the turbocharged flat six still makes nearly 380 horsepower, with that familiar Porsche sound.

The result is a true sports car that loves a good winding road. While all 911s are essentially enthusiast cars, this one is just a bit more pure. With the model coming up on its 60th anniversary, the new Carrera T is designed to honor the 911's legacy, going way back to the earliest cars of the 1960s.

"All of the feelings you get in steering, and braking, and throttle application, and shifting gears. All of that is something that we take into consideration and we try to speak to and reference, noted Luke Vandezande of Porsche

The base price for the new 911 Carrera T is just over $118,000. By comparison, the base price of the more powerful 911 Carrera S is about $5000 more, and the 911 Carrera GTS starts at over $142,000.

In the 911's early years, the 1960s and 1970s, it was Porsche's primary model. Of course today they have a much broader product line with some real hot sellers in comparison to the iconic sports car. Notably the Macan compact SUV, their top seller. Nonetheless, Porsche officials says the 911's future is indefinite. And they're continually coming up with hot new sub-models to keep things fresh.

How about another tribute to the 911's past? Soon, and for a whole lot of money, the 911 Dakar will be out. It's a direct tribute to the rally Porsches that raced many years ago, and is fully equipped for aggressive off-road driving. It'll be built in limited numbers, for a jaw-dropping starting price of $222,000.

But if you like your Porsches more basic and much less expensive, the 911T is here. Still not inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, but it puts a very fine point on basic, as well as purposeful, and fun.