2022 California props explained: What to know

ABC7 is breaking down all of the propositions Californians are voting on this Election Day.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Here are the propositions Californians will vote on in November
Californians will vote on propositions ranging from abortion to sports betting in the November general election.

California voters have seven propositions to vote on in the Nov. 8 general election.

2022 California propositions explained

These propositions deal with abortion, sports betting and environmental initiatives. Plus, kidney dialysis clinics, arts and music education in public schools and the flavored tobacco ban. The ban is delayed until voters make a decision in November.

Here's a breakdown of each proposition and what it entails.

Proposition 1

Even though abortion is legal in California, Prop. 1 would amend California's constitution to say that the state would not be allowed to interfere with or deny a person's right to abortion or contraceptives if it passes.

Learn more about Prop. 1 here.

Proposition 26

If Proposition 26 passes this November, another form of gambling would be permitted at horse racing tracks and tribal casinos in California: Sports betting.

Learn more about Prop. 26 here.

Proposition 27

You can't legally bet on sports in California right now, but Proposition 27 would change that, allowing online betting operated by Native American tribes and gambling companies.

Learn more about Prop. 27 here.

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Prop 26 and Prop 27 are on the November ballot and both would legalize sports betting in California, but in different ways.

Proposition 28

Proposition 28 promises to bring arts and music programs to every public school and cost taxpayers nothing.

Learn more about Prop. 28 here.

Proposition 29

Proposition 29 would set new requirements for dialysis centers including the hiring of more staff with the goal to make clinics safer.

Learn more about Prop. 29 here.

Proposition 30

Proposition 30 wants to tax the wealthiest Californians -- a 1.75% personal income tax hike on those who make more than $2 million per year.

Learn more about Prop. 30 here.

Proposition 31

California voters will decide whether they want to ban flavored tobacco products under Proposition 31.

Learn more about Prop. 31 here.

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