Utah girl orders dozens of toys on Amazon without parents' permission; family donates items

UTAH (KABC) -- It all started as a reward for doing her chores, but one little girl has now gone viral thanks to Amazon.

Katelyn Lunt, 6, was allowed to order a Barbie doll on her mother's Amazon account for doing extra chores. But instead the Utah girl appeared to have a mischievous grin as she stood next to a tower of newly delivered boxes.

Without her parents' permission, she ordered way more than just a doll.

"I let her get on and then I left and wasn't really paying attention. She got on and ordered close to $400 worth of items. All of our family came home and then this truck pulls up and all these boxes are getting taken out of the truck," her mother, Catherine Lunt, said.

Instead of returning the extra toys to Amazon, Katelyn's mother took her to a children's hospital in Salt Lake City to donate the products to other kids.
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