3 taken into custody after high-speed chase ends in Duarte

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- Three people wanted on suspicion of trying to assault an officer with a vehicle led authorities on a high-speed chase from Industry into Duarte Friday night.

The chase started around 11 p.m. along California Road near Valley Boulevard, authorities said. The suspect fled at high speeds and quickly hopped on the northbound 605 Freeway.

At times the suspect hit speeds higher than 100 mph and appeared to swerve while trying to control the vehicle.

The suspect eventually merged onto the westbound 210 Freeway and then exited onto surface streets in Monrovia.

One patrol vehicle attempted a PIT maneuver when the suspect was in a parking lot, but he was able to flee and continue at high speeds down the road.

Eventually the suspect approached a tight curve in Duarte and was unable to control his vehicle, crashing the front end onto the curb and partially onto the dirt median.

Authorities surrounded the vehicle with their guns drawn and began yelling commands for the suspect to surrender.

The suspect exited the vehicle after some time and was handcuffed by authorities. Two other passengers - both women - also exited the vehicle and were taken into custody.

The investigation is ongoing.
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