Filmmaking brothers Joe and Anthony Russo bring "Avengers: Endgame" to life

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Filmmaking brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have kept their lips sealed about the plot of Avenger's Endgame for a long time. They strongly believe movie fans DON'T want any spoilers, and have gone as far as to make a plea on social media... mums the word!

"We've been protecting it for a couple of years now, so we're going to keep those secrets. People have to sit in the theater and find out," said Joe Russo.

"I will say this though; in this movie, we were not thinking about what comes next. This movie was very much about what has come before it. And how do we bring a conclusion to that," said Anthony Russo.

This is the brother's fourth film in this Marvel Universe. And they poured their hearts and souls into this last one!

"There's a sense of responsibility and that's why we like making these movies. Because of the experience we had watching films like this as kids," said Joe Russo. "The 'Star Wars' trilogy and 'Indiana Jones.' And now we're trying to give that same feeling to a new generation of film goers."

Joe and Anthony joked about whether or not they ever disagree when they are filming a movie.

"We resolve everything through thumb wrestling. Or coin flipping. It makes it easy," said Joe.

"It's more peaceful and less blood," said Anthony.
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