Artist from Belize comes to LA to honor Kobe Bryant with his paintings

DOWNTOWN LA (KABC) -- Vendors swarmed Figueroa Street selling souvenirs in honor of Kobe Bryant.

There was one man's stand in particular that stood out to people walking by as he painted. Only thing was that his paintings are not for sale to the public.

"I have no intention of selling it to the public. This gotta end up at the right place because I have too much value for it. It's not about money or fame, it's about leaving a legacy for my number one team, which is Lakers and let them also enjoy," said Alex Sanker, an artist who travelled from Belize to paint outside of the memorial for Kobe Bryant.

With some of Sanker's family being in Los Angeles, and his respect for Kobe Bryant he has been a Lakers fan for years.

"He did a lot...he did a lot for the sport in general and the world is mourning, so I wanted to do something that stands out," said Sanker.

He knew that he had to fly from Belize to L.A. to finish these paintings in Kobe & Gigi's honor.

"Life is short as an individual he was a real family man. He loved the game, he put his all, and he made a mark in this world and I admire that because I try to do the same thing with my paintings" said Sanker.
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