Jobs in California: Sprouts hiring across SoCal, offering special virtual career fairs for veterans

"We love hiring veterans." Hollie Becker with Sprouts joined ABC7 via Skype to talk about the company's many openings. Plus, she said the grocery chain is offering special virtual career fairs for veterans every month.
ABC7 is committed to helping people get back on their feet during the coronavirus pandemic.

Grocery companies and supermarkets are hiring right now. Hollie Becker with Sprouts joined ABC7 via Skype on Friday to discuss the many job openings available at the company right now.

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What would you say to someone who wants to work - but does not have any experience working in a grocery store?
"We have plenty of jobs available right now at the entry level for people who have no experience in grocery whatsoever. I think as long as you have a positive attitude, you enjoy serving customers and talking to people, we will find a spot for you."

What kinds of jobs are available right now? Are they mostly in stores?
"Yeah, in the L.A. area, we do have a variety of openings from our core management positions, our department management positions. The majority of our openings are at the department clerk level in our bakery, in our deli department, our produce department, our vitamins department, and of course at our front end with our cashiers and courtesy clerks."

How is Sprouts keeping employees safe from the coronavirus?
"We follow the CDC guidelines very closely. All team members in all of our stores do wear that very important PPE. So you'll see all of our team members wearing gloves and masks. We've instituted new cleaning procedures, more in-depth cleaning procedures, and we've installed the plexiglass coverings at our check stands to protect our team members there as well."

What kind of outreach does Sprouts offer to veterans?
"We love hiring veterans. Actually, we host a virtual veteran hiring career fair every month. So we have a very robust hiring program."

Where should people go to see the latest job openings?
"The best place and easiest place to go is on our external career site at All of our postings at the stores, at our distribution centers and even at our store support office are posted there."

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