The Little Chef: 2 year old Houston girl wows social media with her cooking videos

HOUSTON, Texas -- Charlotte, known as "The Little Chef," may be tiny. But the toddler has a big personality and is a big star in the kitchen.

The Houston, Texas toddler is gaining a following on social media for her adorable cooking videos.

Charlotte's mom, Yasi Micek, started cooking with her last Christmas and saw just how much she loved being in the kitchen.

Now during the pandemic, the mom and daughter cook together whenever they can. Micek is also using this as an opportunity for Charlotte to learn more than just cooking.

"There's counting. There's steps she has to follow. And I think it also teaches her patience," Micek said.

Through social media, they've also been able to connect with other toddlers around the world to trade recipes and baking tips.

Visit Charlotte's Instagram to check out more of her videos.