Actress Chloe Bennet says new movie 'Abominable' celebrates family traditions

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- In the new animated adventure "Abominable," a teenager named Yi discovers a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai. The meeting sparks her and two of her friends to go on an epic quest to take the magical creature... who they've named "Everest"... and reunite him with his family in the Himalayas.

"The real journey is kind of the idea of what home is," said Chloe Bennet, who voices Yi. "What does home mean to people, what does home mean after loss, what does home mean when you're a young person trying to figure yourself out."

Learning about and celebrating traditions is a big part of "Abominable." Bennet says the main tradition for her family, growing up, revolved around meals.

"A big, big tradition in our family was having these big beautiful gorgeous Chinese dinners, and it was nostalgic to see that featured," said Bennet.

Chloe's distinctive voice is ideal for working in animation. She's grown to love her deep tones, especially when it fits a character she feels close to like Yi.

"I actually think it grounds her in a way that I love, and it's nice to kind of see a little version of me, with the voice that I have," said Bennet. "Kind of like, oh I like that, I wish I wasn't so hard on myself when I was a kid about my voice."

"Abominable" is rated PG and is in theaters now.
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