With 3 hit movies, Angela Bassett's 2018 was about as good as it gets

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For actress Angela Bassett, 2018 turned out to be a very good year. She started with a role in "Black Panther," one of the year's top grossing films, then added the summer action hit "Mission Impossible: Fallout" to her hit list.

To end the year, Bassett is using her voice talent to play "Shatter," an evil Decepticon in the new action-filled movie "Bumblebee."

Bassett told Eyewitness News what it is that keeps her going strong.

"Tenacity, love, passion, focus. What else will I do?" laughed Bassett.

The actress found the job in "Bumblebee" to be quite a challenge. She's used to working with a "troupe" of fellow actors and using her physicality, and her surroundings, to develop her character.

"When you go into the room with this, you're like, I really don't have if I have a handle on who Shatter is," admitted Bassett. "And then when you see it -- I can remember being on the falls, or being on the bridge with Tom Cruise; I remember how cold it was or the water, not being able to get to lunch -- I remember all those things, but with this one, I can't remember the making of, so when I see it, it's like a ride I take for the first time."

And with "Bumblebee," it's a ride she's happy her 12-year-old twins are able to enjoy along with her.

"My daughter wants a vintage VW yellow Beetle," said Bassett. "She told me that already! "

"Bumblebee" is rated PG and is in theaters now.
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